After Your Treatments

Please follow the guidelines below and contact us with any questions.

  1. Start with Advil (Motrin, Ibuprofen) right away. It will help the healing! If you cannot take Advil, Tylenol will do. As soon as you think the anesthetic is wearing off, take 2 more, following the directions on the bottle for 3 - 4 days. If you were given a pain prescription, still take the Advil!

  2. The tooth and the surrounding area will be sore like a bruise. This is from the inflammation and should decrease as each day progresses. If increasing pain or swelling develops, contact the doctors.

  3. Avoid chewing on the tooth until after root canal therapy is complete. Even though the nerve is gone, discomfort is from nerves that surround the tooth in the jaw. Inflammation and bacteria can be extremely complicated and sometimes unpredictable. Stay on the Advil to promote healing.

  4. Sleep with your head elevated. The tooth can throb while lying flat, exercising, or bending over. Sometimes the temporary filling may sink in. This is normal. Please call our office if you have questions.

  5. If you require emergency treatment, please call the office. If you think you are having increasing discomfort as the day progresses, it is best to call early in the day as this will give both you and the doctor more flexibility to handle the situation.

  6. We are here to help. There are 4 other doctors available if your paged doctor does not respond promptly. Always have a pharmacy number ready. Please download our app while in treatment to expedite receiving help or answering questions.

  7. If you have any questions or problems, make a note of your receptionist's name and have her leave the doctor a message to help streamline communication. We have a lot of emergencies during the day, and we try to do our best to accommodate everyone.

  8. When your root canal is completed, call your general dentist for a follow up on having the tooth permanently restored. No later than 30 days!!

  9. Please use this website or app. We have made it informative for you. You can e-mail your doctor with questions from the website.